Friday, June 4, 2010

Your call: Specialist or generalist?

J.T. O’Donnell and Dale Dauten are “experts,” and they answer people’s employment questions.

A woman wrote that she was 47, a homemaker, and had worked as an administrative assistant, real estate title examiner, court clerk, and sold advertising. She wanted to know how to attract notice.

J.T. said hey, no offense, but you would not be attractive to an employer because you lack focus.

Dale then said, don’t expect some aptitude tests to help you decide on a career, either.

Then Dale said try to talk to people you admire—how did they decide on an aptitude?

Then—they said—you will get yourself on the fast track to success. Blabbety-blab.

What happened to the notion that the average person born today will have 6-7 careers, not just jobs? I think this woman showed the willingness to learn a new field (quick study) and jump in and make it her own.

All of her jobs showed an aptitude for paperwork, record keeping, but with personal contact.

Maybe she can pick one she liked an get more training and make it a career, but sometimes we need a damn job! Pitch it as here is how my experiences can help you!

If you are too focused, you may miss an opportunity a little to the side.


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