Friday, July 23, 2010

Fool for a client

Nathan Koppel (WSJ, July 22, 2010) says more and more Americans are representing themselves in court.

Bankruptcy, foreclosure, rent disputes, wrongful firings, immigration, divorce.

One authority said too often people think, “I can play checkers,” and go into court and find out it’s three-dimensional chess and they are lost in space.

One woman owed back rent and planned to say she was withholding it because the place was falling down. Did she know the implications? Probably not.

People without lawyers don’t know everything open to them. Or the penalties they might incur.

Still, lawyers cost a ton and in some places there are none for less than $150 an hour.

Legal aid places have also cut back in this economy.

If you have a lay person help you, there is even a chance that person could get nailed for practicing law without a license. It’s happened.

I declared bankruptcy and did get a lawyer, who turned out to be a boob. And he cost $2,000.

So, you have a nice day now, hear?

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