Friday, July 2, 2010

Harder to launch or stay launched

Bonnie Miller Rubin, Chicago Trib, says it’s difficult for those Millennials to get going. Millennials were born around 1982.

I have one around here someplace. In her case, she wailed, “You never told me I had to live someplace else..This is my home!”

I said, “Don’t you want to?”

Nope. She doesn’t.

Mary Waters of Harvard wrote a book called Transition to Adulthood and says it’s more difficult to establish an independent household.

It can take until age 34 or more to get going.

Ben Stein once emailed me that he had a 40-something at home. Yes, Ben Stein of “Bueller, Bueller" fame. Not immune.

One kid said he wished he had learned a skill instead of getting a BA.

One interviewee said she wanted a job that paid enough to support a family and a vacation once a year.

Nah—now you’ve gone too far.

If these people are going to pay our Social Security, they might as well spend it, too.

I tell you—we are going to Water World without the water. Maybe a compound, the kids, the oldies, the so-called responsibles, the rescue animals, the rescue animals with jobs...


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