Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Outer space? Here's my application

The problem is most apps want to be sent into cyberland. The day of sitting down and filling in an application are going fast.

When doing apps online, you can hang, you can get interrupted, stuff can happen. It’s scary.

Should you spit back keywords from the ad, so the computer can see how “matchy” you are? Some say yes, others no.

To me, one hard part is keywording your search—how narrow should you make it? Maybe the title you want and one or two keywords.

Don’t pay someone to search for you. It’s pretty much free.

Try to find most recent listings. Nothing like doing a lot of work—then JOB NOT FOUND.

Don’t try for things you are not qualified for. As a corollary, we used to say, “If you have no idea what a job is, don’t apply.” Things like: “Participatory analyst.”

Follow instructions. No calls means no calls. Sometimes these listings can get really obnoxious: “If you attach a resume, you will never ever be considered and will be deleted immediately.” Delete me? Isn’t that illegal?

Customize your cover letter. I recently applied to something in Naples, Florida, and included a few sentences about a trip I took there once and how I still had the shells I picked up.

No answer.

Be prepared for that even if you do everything right. It’s a buyer’s market and those shelves are bare.


Anonymous said...

There is a new part-time (very part-time probably) opportunity. Not kidding, it's a real website - saw a brief story about it maybe at NYTimes. It's rentafriend.com.

And anyone can sign up to be paid to be a 'friend.'

The real, genuine uses make sense. Go to the movies with someone, shopping, errands, or the gym - things where people would like company.

Or show a visitor around your home town. Or keep a senior company.

I looked over the site and, unfortunately, in L.A. it looks like rentahussy (etc.).

Too bad. Has real possibilities in this friends-all-moved-away world.

Star Lawrence said...

Interesting. Why not start some weird biz like this? Find a way to monetize it...