Monday, July 5, 2010

Slow? The economy? Really?

Finally the VP or some other timeserver over there in DC admitted the “recovery” was slow.

Uh, yeah! Slug on ‘ludes, dude.

What tipped them off? The 20% of wealth that…went someplace?

The bankruptcy support groups springing up?

The sleeplessness? The crying?

The unemployment cut off amidst a born-again deficit-cutting peeing contest?

Was it the five people for every opening thing?

The jobs are never coming back thing?

Even Europe getting a little worried?

Paul Krugman (it’s Friedman with the rich wife) saying it’s a Second Depression?

All of the above?

Of course, it’s the Republicans, the immigrants, that annoying oil, always some reason.

It’s been THREE YEARS, people! Building culverts isn’t cutting it. I am not sure what will—everything seems locked in a death spiral, feeding each element, as we slide lower. Slowly, revolving, down...down...

How about a reset? No one gets foreclosed. The banks take what they can get. Everyone gets a new mortgage 50% lower. Clean slate! Start over. No more mortgage-based securities, confirm income, have down payments, give businesses enough confidence to hire people and pay into unemployment again, tax foreign-assembled stuff coming back into the US, give companies ten grand for every person hired.

You get where I am going. Bold new one-time fixes!

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