Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some high tech jobs are... baack

The NYT, July 7, 2010, profiled some rich wuss-bag who was sending 4-5 resumes a WEEK, then turned down a $40K job. Let’s just say a lot of readers, more than 1000, commented and weren’t impressed with his decision-making skills.

He had been a poli-sci major at Colgate. His ‘rents paid his full ride, all four yrs. He lived at home. He was cutting lawns for pocket money.

Apart from how much fun it was to peck at this dope, I wondered if picking another major might really have helped—for most people, he was sissified beyond help, I think.

John Yantis, AZ Republic, July 7, 2010, writes that high salary high tech jobs are coming back to Phoenix.

Up 24% from the month before.

The people at, a technology professional website, said employers are gettiing more confident. Freescale Semiconductor was one company adding staff.

Salaries for new hires are also going up. There had formerly been sort of a freeze.

GoDaddy has 110 positions available for database administrators, and Microsoft and Linux people.

If you have a systems background, get some certification if you need to. Hit those companies hard!

We don’t want them to go over to DC and get permission to bring in Indian engineers.

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