Thursday, July 29, 2010

What if someone DOES read your cover letter?

You never know. Someone might. “Pursuant to your ad on Craigslist, please find…”


Wake up! Come on.

Andrea Kay, CareerBuilder, writes about the good old cover.

For one thing, many hiring agents think your resume may have had “help,” but you wrote your cover yourself. They look at the writing level.

First, don’t jump in with how great you are. Say something individual about the company—“I used to walk by your building and thought, ’That looks like a good place to work.’”

Maybe you could ask a question. Have you ever hired anyone who made their last company a million dollars?”

Or: I see you merged with Citibank. I know from my many years in the banking industry that this is a tricky time, with many challenges.I may have faced some of those already and have some ideas.”

What can you do to make their life easier or make or save them money?” Think!

Incidentally, there is a widespread notion at the moment that companies won’t hire you if you an unemployed. I guess this may be true in some cases. It’s wussy and lame, but it might be true.

Are they afraid you will come to work with Froot Loops sprinkled on your clothes?

Say, “I have not worked at a salaried job, but I have kept active and useful doing….” And maybe save it for the interview—don’t lead with it in the cover.

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