Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yeah, they are so lazy

A meme is a snippet of a theme or notion—and one has gotten started that collecting unemployment is so cushy people suddenly don’t care about satisfying work and having money and just turn into gigantic welfare queens and leeches.

Well, they sure snap back fast when a job opportunity presents itself. It’s a miracle!

In the Phoenix area, Cabela’s, the sporting goods and outdoors heaven, had 40 openings and 800 people showed, snaking around the block starting at dawn.

One line stander said he had applied for 200 jobs.

The store interviewed 500 people.

When the store opened in 2006, it had 300 employees. Now it has 260. The 40 jobs were to get ready for hunting season.

Every day is job hunting season.

As for resuming unemployment payments--consider this: Workers paid into that and because of the stupid spending of this admin in the name of stimulus (read: something for our friends), the funds on the state level were exhausted and few jobs appeared. Then--as a POLITICAL powerplay--they refused to designate the unspent stimulus to extension of unemployment in order to make the other guys look mean. It's all a powerplay. Sand box stuff.

A friend of mine went to Washington and said no one there seems to be hurting, they still carry their Coach handbags, never talk about food stamps or unemployment extensions while out in the bars.

Well, pooey on all of you so-called public servants!

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