Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can you fill in--we have people out

Joe Walker, WSJ, Aug 30, 2010, says lean and mean can get really mean when people are asked to do double duty to cover for people on vacay.

One the good side (I guess), one guy said, “Every person matters.”

This hit one company who didn’t have enough notice of two people going on a trip to get some temps. The wife of the owner had to operate a precision wood-cutting tool. Apparently this did not result in anything untoward, but it sounds like it could have been iffy to me.

In another part of the company, a guy in charge of keeping all the assembly lines running had to assemble some tool sheds and reassign workers and he forget a truck was waiting outside to be unloaded.


Panic mode is how the owner described it.

At another company, caterers, the office staff had to pack up food.

Overtime, one said, is wonderful, if it voluntary.

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