Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't carry on and ruin your house sale

Sid Davis wrote “A Survival Guide to Selling Your Home.” He was quoted in a story by Ellen James Martin, Universal Syndicate, recently.

The topic was forced home sales and how angry, bitter sellers can muck them up.

One woman, forced to sell because of divorce and then cancer, got furious when prospects criticized her home.

David recommends finding a listing agent who can deal with the emotions involved. Contact two or three agents before deciding on one.

Try to find objective information on pricing—don’t endlessly kick it around with friends.

Get good comps—not automated ones.

Listen to your listing agent’s ideas for changes and upgrades to make your home worth more. These are not insults—the agents wants to max out, too.

Try to make as many changes as you can.

People these days want turn-key—they don’t have money for big changes.

Don’t, above all, reject low bids without countering.

This isn’t personal. It’s business. And it’s a huge business transaction. Do your best to prevail.

It will help ease the rage, fear, and frustration.


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