Friday, August 6, 2010

Fire fighter to flight attendant

Talk about a career change. Scott McCarthy (WSJ, August 5, 2010) says JetBlue is hiring retired cops and fire fighters.

They tout their emergency response capabilities.

“You want people who don’t get too high or too low” is how one exec put it.

At least they could handle terrorists—but what about babies and people who lop over the seat?

The retirees like the schedule and trip discounts. They also use their training to size up people.

Fire fighters and cops can also deliver babies.

One calls himself a “security chaperone.”

Even picking up trash and serving meals didn’t faze these attendants. Fire fighters make and clean up their own meals, after all.

In a larger sense, what qualities of a past job qualify you for a new one? Think! Always think for a prospective employer. They love that.

Coffee, tea, or lots and lots of water?

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Star Lawrence said...

That JetBlue guy who cursed everyone out, grabbed a beer and went down the chute was not a retired first responder, I checked. Now there is an expression for shoving a job dramatically--sliding the chute. I tried to watch that show RUBICON and one guy stands on the edge of a building roof everyday and another employee comes in and barfs--sure makes me want to get a job.