Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get the best deal you can

I think there is a temptation in this economy to focus strictly on what a buyer’s market the job market is, how you are a beggar asking for work or alms, how you have to take whatever comes your way, forget your own self interest.

Things have changed and new “normals” are being established, but employers still need and value certain skills and will pay for them. Look at all those special visa people being imported from India—why can’t Americans learn whatever it is they do?

Russ Wiles, Arizona Republic, Aug 24, 2010, says you can be assertive in the hiring situation if you have the facts.

Women tend to negotiate less than men.

Go to and see what salaries are in your area. You can check out an offer and see what you will take home at

If they are negotiating, they want you. This gives you an advantage.

Don’t annoy people. Don’t puff up earnings in past jobs. But have a minimum.

If the pay is set, see if you can move them on benefits. Vacation time, tuition, certain health packages, company cars, travel, overtime and other things can be discussed.

How about asking for an early performance review—with a raise possibility?

If you never get even one “no,” you didn’t push hard enough.

But never get into the intimidation area. Well, yeah, when they yell out, “Security,” this is not a good sign.

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