Monday, August 2, 2010

Great, now we have to be cops

First, I read in the AARP Bulletin that if someone gives you counterfeit money, you are pretty much up the brown waterway.

Some guy cashed a money order and got 10 hundred-dollar bills. At a gas station, an alert attendant said, ‘Uh…sir…”

The Secret Service says it’s kind of holders keepers—the last person who has the money when it’s discovered is eating it.

You could learn how to spot a phony… go to

I also read that the banks have noticed that the cyberthieves have outmatched them and urge you to go on your account everyday and check for problems. Also change your password a lot.

To get a weird password, try a sentence. For example, BANK ROBBERS SUCK 10 TIMES OVER. That becomes BRS10TO.

Is that easier to remember or harder? Naptime!

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