Thursday, August 5, 2010

Interviewers need to watch it

Anita Bruzzese writes about this on CareerBuilder. Yes, it’s an employer’s market at the moment, but job hunters don’t forget crappy interviews. Moments don’t last forever, remember (though this one feels like it).

Also, we have the internet now—burn an applicant or act like a dope, and in an hour, it will be twittering around your ears like an old cartoon.

That job candidate—also could be a customer. Make that ex-customer.

And—human nature—the negative stuff sticks with a person.

Some examples from Bruzzese’s story: An interior designer was introduced to others in the office as “the girls.” They were all over 25. She didn’t love it.

Then, during the interview, a design call came into the interviewer and she flipped over the applicant’s resume and made notes on it. Oh—would that be scratch paper?

A guy applied for a telephone job in a sports company dressed in pressed jeans, shirt and sports jacket—and was told to leave because he was inappropriately dressed.

Come on, guy—tell them your tux was at the cleaners…

Aw…I know it’s not funny. People just seem to want to be dopey these days.

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