Friday, August 20, 2010

Job hunters getting new set of sites

Dot Jobs is the ending. A new domain. already exists. Ditto for

According to the WSJ, in a story by Sarah E. Needleman (Aug 19, 2010), the kicker will be more general sites, such as and

For one thing, small job sites such as fear someone coming in as and sucking away their clientele.

As it is, employers have been going to cheaper sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the gang.

The Dot-jobs sites are not first come, first served, but vetted by the Society for Human Resource Management, which means they could refuse the competitors to existing sites.

Or not.

It’s a big bad internet out there.

There are so many jobsites now, I can’t keep up. In my field—journalist—the per-story rates offered are so bad only a person cleaning nuclear sites with a Dust Buster would be attracted. Try a hundredth of the rates of five years ago.

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