Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two households, one sitter

Before I had my kid eons ago, a friend and I used to joke about having maids and nurses. I think she maybe had a baby nurse for awhile, but I assumed all the roles myself.

Kristyn Kusek Lewis, September 2010 REDBOOK, says why not share a nanny in these um…turbulent times?

The writer had some arts jobs with lots of leeway, could work at home one day, and so on, but still needed coverage three days a week.

Finally she talked with a friend about consolidating the kids and hiring one sitter. (Don’t worry—consolidating does not harm kids.)

First the two moms set up a Google calendar to track schedules. They email and check in several times a week. If the nanny is sick or something changes, they cope.

One day was so nutty, the nanny was not there—the four parents appeared in shifts. The kids apparently did not care and had a fine time.

That’s another advantage—the kids have someone to play with. Someone short who is not trying to work.

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