Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When to get the best deal

USA Today Weekend (July 30, 2010) says there are good and bad times to buy certain items.

Cars. August and September are best. New models coming.

Gas grills. September through December.

Lawn mowers. October.

Camcorders. November. Also best time for GPS and bicycles.

Appliances. December through January. After-holiday prices.

Exercise equipment. January—they are trying for the post-Christmas fat crowd.

Indoor furniture. February.

Televisions, Blu-Ray, etc. March.

Computers—end of each quarter, April, June, October, January.

Athletic shoes and clothes. April.

Outdoor furniture. July. Summer’s over in retail terms, get rid of it!

If you have money, lucky you. Hold on to as much of it as you can. For dear life.

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