Friday, August 27, 2010

White collars take a second job

When I hear the term “moonlighting,” it makes me think of moonshining. Very different.

Anyhow, Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Aug 18, 2010, talks about a guy who got hit with a one-day furlough and now works 7 days a week.

The three days about make up for the one day without pay. He’s a graphic designer.

CareerBuilder surveyed 4,500 white collar employees and 9% had second jobs. Another 19% intended to get another job in 2010.

This can lead to clashes with employers and exhausted workers. Vacations are a memory.

On the upside there are more white collar job websites. is one. Also, don’t forget

Such employees also have to avoid conflict of interest problems with their main employer.

Oh—and this is not temporary. Most of these two-jobbers see this as the new normal.

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