Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Will your employees still heart you?

Cyndy Trivella is director of business development in Kansas City for NAS Recruitment Communications. She is all about human resources and company reputations.

In an article she wrote for Ere.net (interesting site), she asks, what about exit interviews? Do you do them? If you do, do you do anything with the information? Cyndy says a lot of questions, such as what could we have done better, should be asked while the person is still employed.

Companies also should not just ignore people who have put in their resignation. “This,” Cyndy says, “is like placing the coins on (their) eyes before (they have) performed (their) last job duties.” It’s rude, stupid, and long remembered. (If there is a new project involving proprietary info, maybe the person would not be included—but be cool about it.)

Poorly done exit interviews hurt your “employment brand.” The employment brand is the epitome of your organization’s humanity, Cyndy says.

Remember—that employee will still have friends in the organization and can still say things about his or her former company.

Yes, you may have spent a lot training the person, yes, you may feel they are not returning that loyalty—but employment at will means either side can act in its own self-interest. Companies lay people off if they want to or need to.

Employees can leave, too. Make sure they do it with a smack, not a smackdown.

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