Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are you the "broke" one?

I was reading that the Delaware candidate is not the only candidate this year who got whapped by the recession or whatever this is.

Public officials are affected. Lots of people are.

Yet, not all…and therein lies a problem. What if you are the broke one and your friends and relatives are all fine and dandy?

Recently I read an advice column where a woman wrote in that she had a friend who was “cheap” and only wanted to go to restaurants for which she had coupons. The “adviser” said, “Tell her you don’t feel like pizza and to live a little.”

Yeah—that won’t go badly or anything. The couponer will feel stupid and the solvent one will feel …what…do they feel survivor guilt or anything? I don’t even know.

I know my more solvent friends feel awkward…so do I. I have to say, “I can make a sandwich for us” instead of the drive-though…Even I would rather have the drive-through.

Any ideas, readers? Which one are you? How do you feel?

Another problem is TV…I have had to cancel HBO and most of the elective channels. If my sister mentions a show and I don’t get it, I feel like a loser. I am jealous. I am angry.

I know—deal with it, Star.


srdem65 said...

I know, I know. Most of us seniors face the realities of tuna casserole vs Red Lobster.
It's hard to downsize when it seems that others are not feeling the pinch and don't understand how it feels.
In this age of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and unemployment, the downsized communtity is the new 'norm'.
Hang in there.

Star Lawrence said...

I love tuna casserole...I should just learn to cook instead of whine...thinking about it...hang on...nope..sticking with whining.