Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in 2000, honey...

This is so not China. Our elderly, of which I am fast becoming one, aren’t respected for our wisdom.

Jeffrey Zaslow, WSJ, Sept 1, 2010, saw fit to riff on about this for a while.

Stats show most people of both age ranges think there is a generation gap. The youngsters say older people have differences in perspective, work ethic (yes, we do it), and technology (no, we may not eat and sleep it).

Case in point. Hardware store—do you ask the old guy? Apple store—do you ask the oldest guy?


Youngsters who want to know how to do things go on YouTube—they don’t ask the dinos, who are probably still supporting them using endangered Social Security money.

One guy said older peope still think it’s smokin’ to buy a house versus renting (not this older person).

Zaslow’s 21-year-old asked him about a thank you she had written for a job interview. He told her to lose the multiple exclamation points. She did. The reply was loaded with them (at least the interviewer was still enthused about one as lackluster as she).

Older people drone on about writing a resume—the younger ones can’t even hear us—they are texting some top guy at the company.

Older people: Question your assumptions. Offer suggestions, not dictates. Listen to the other side. They may have learned a thing or two, though heaven knows how.


chuck galle said...

Yeah, I find myself getting interested in Punk music (how old is that? - hell people only ten years younger than I know all about it!) because they may be the logical successors of the Beatniks. And I believe I will watch Avatar! I can hardly believe it.

Star Lawrence said...

We are all hiphop al the time over here.