Friday, September 10, 2010

Big ad in our paper--BARTENDERS WANTED

There is a rumor going around that people want to drink more than ever!

I sure do.

Megan Finnerty, AZ Republic, Sept 9, 2010, says bartender schools are popular—mixing drinks carefully, measuring, saves a saloon owner money.

Forget the shaker demos and all the tossing around Tom Cruise-style, bartenders these days mix their own flavors and make their own syrups.

Good grief—some of these drinks are almost $20 per. Especially up in Snotsdale.

Bartending used to be a respected profession—most popular person in town, that kind of thing. Oh, Innkeeper!

Now it’s blue collar—but it’s coming back!

Phoenix has a U.S. Bartenders Guild chapter. They give classes. One woman learned to appreciate Scotch.

Now that’s a decent day’s work.

I like Cosmos—but I learned from this that Cosmos are pretty low in status. Sorry, Carrie.

Would bartending be a good second job—or even first job? Why not? Especially if you like to sleep in.

I love bars. I miss bars. I remember the bartender setting up free shooters. I wonder if they still do that. Another DC bar followed the rule of every third drink free. That’s a New York tradition. I miss New York, too.

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