Thursday, September 30, 2010

Give two weeks' notice or just book?

A server says she hates her job and wants to go on vacation and just not return.

Biz guru Dale Dauten says some people do this, but if you think that employer will ever be contacted about you (even if not given as a reference), this is a bad idea.

People worry about that two weeks—will they be shunned, treated badly?

Sometimes, sure.

Or you may be asked to write a job description or even an ad.

You may be asked to do a list of your projects and their status.

Or—and this is increasingly done these days—they may say, thanks for the notice, but here comes security—and walk you to your car.

This used to be done more when computer people quit, because they could bollix up the system, but now it’s often done.

Still, Dauten says, a person of good character quits formally—are you? Of good character?

True confessions—I left a long-time post after my maternity leave ran out…I meant to return, but it didn’t work out that way.

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