Friday, September 24, 2010

Great job, people

Betty Beard, AZ Republic, Sept 22, 2010, writes about five AZ companies that earned Enterprise Awards for staying afloat in the “thing,” here.

Each year, Arizona State gives out these awards to companies that find innovative ways of surviving.

The best strategy was diversification. China Mist Brands (tea) focused on ice tea products for restaurants and cultivated markets overseas, such as Dubai.

Dircks Moving and Storage saw the bottom drop out because people could not sell their houses and move and had no new jobs to move to, so they went into office moves and warehousing.

Arizona Air Boutique went from helium balloons for advertising to coffee mugs and water bottles. They also marketed a “beer mix,” gas to run kegs in bars.

Sunstate Equipment Co. saw construction flop by 65% around the southwest and CA, so it expanded into Tennessee.

All About People, a minority-owned personnel company, was always diversified people-wise, so it added areas such as medical services and education.

Other companies that had never promoted before went into that instead of relying on word of mouth. A cleaning company called Maintenance Mart Janitor Supply emphasized being woman-owned and environmentally friendly.

A car dealer let people try a car at home for a few days—this was popular.

Companies renegotiated leases, reduced benefits, and sometimes laid people off.

In several cases, the extra push was so effective, survival became growth.

That would be a big woo-hoo!

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