Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hideous college fees

I am just bitter because my kid spurned college. Also I usually don’t like this columnist—Froma Harrop, who seems to shill for this admin.

But I did like a column she wrote on the ridiculous cost of higher ed.

Seriously, do people, even the so-called rich (who now seem to earn this sobriquet for making more than $250K, which used to be middle class), have fifty to eighty big ones lying around to send to some campus? That would be EVERY YEAR.

Many of the classes are taught by entrenched authors of books, who also get year-long paid vacays. I mean, sabbaticals.

Bill Gates, according to Harrop, remarked that you will soon be able to get the best lectures online for pennies.

At the University of Illinois, a state school tuition is almost $14,000 a year.

That’s six times what it was in 1980.

One father (Kenyon College) said taking his kid to school each year was like driving a Corvette over, leaving it, and taking the bus back.

A lot of this dough is going to sports.

Administrators have doubled compared with teachers.

And some of these grads? Dumb as hair.

I once wrote a story on how almost a fourth of those in the “big schools” are Asian. I am not sure what the answer is to that. Or if there should be an answer.

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