Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keeping kids' spending under control

My kid once had a friend who said she only wanted birthday presents from The Limited, no other stores.

Of course, I got hers from Walmart.

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Sept 15, 2010, says kids can really run up the tab on ya, especially in this climate.

One woman’s solution was for the kid to have a rummage sale and sell her old jeans to buy new ones.

Supposedly, it costs $222,000 to raise a kid to 18. I guarantee you my kid did not get a payday like that.

What Shellenbarger calls “reshaping expectations” I call saying nope.

In the story, a family sits around jeering at shows like “My Sweet 16,” which I actually saw once. Daddy Gotrocks indulges Daughter Dear to anything she wants, diamond encrusted My Little Ponys or a Ferrari.

Some families give a set amount the kid can spend—get more at Walmart or make tough choices at The Limited.

Just saying you can’t afford it won’t be believed—the kid will see you spend the same amount for food—so what’s the deal? And you probably manage to get some things—they figure you have the money.

Still kids who ride their bikes to school instead of a limo or SUV learn to find their own style.

And, I have one word on the clothes thing: Uniforms! Boy, did I love those!

I do feel a little guilty over a knock-down drag-out my daughter and I had several times over “fruit leather.” I could not see it—just candy!

She wanted candy. Twenty-five years later, I realize I would have let her have it. It wouldn’t have broken the bank.

In my defense, there were plenty of Hello Kittys running around our hut. Plenty! A litter.


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