Monday, September 20, 2010

Majoring in political science, minoring in....

I tell youngsters they will have seven careers in their lives—not just seven jobs.

Anne Ryman, AZ Republic, Sept 17, 2010, says more kids out here in AZ are “minoring” in subjects different from their majors.

Covering the odds, I guess. A minor is 18-20 of the 120 credits needed to graduate.

Some schools offer different emphasized areas—this is called interdisciplinary study.

Yale looked at this and decided against allowing minors—feeling it locked students into set courses and cut the number of electives they could take.

Scheduling a minor can be a challenge.

One guy is going to be a surgeon with a minor in business.

Oh, boy.

Sometimes youngsters take a bunch of electives and find they almost HAVE a minor and finish it up.

That’s what I did with my major. I took so many classes at the Elliott School of Public and International Affairs it amounted to a degree from there.

So I graduated.


Chuck Galle said...

I do enjoy this site. Star finds interesting ways to talk about interesting topics, even though for me, the general topic effects my life minimally. I had to chuckle at the opening sentence this morning. I had seven careers, at least, in course of my life. All exciting, rewarding, growth stimulating careers, some paying better than others. I managed it as a high school drop out and a poor but passable student at university for one year and a stoner flunk out for a half year. All of which is not to gloat, but to address something that has bothered me for over six decades. We've become so enamored of industry in America we forget that human beings have lives as well as social duties. What do we say to a youngster we've just met? "What do you want be when you grow up?" There are incredibly more choices for the kid to make now than we even imagined sixty years ago. I hope more and more people get to their seventies with a myriad of careers under their belts. Life isn't about being something - it's about doing things.

Star Lawrence said...

From what I wrote about noticing I had graduated and what Chuck wrote--do you see a theme? Sometimes careers happen to you!

Anonymous said...
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