Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Required to be a citizen?

Julie A Pace of the Kavanaugh Law firm talks about a high tech company that did not want to sponsor people who needed those special visas and wondered if they could specify U.S. citizens.

Are they required to sponsor people from other countries? I thought they wanted to or had to.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act prohibits discriminating based on citizenship if the non-citizen is lawfully allowed to work here.

Some exceptions are made for govt work and to get security clearances.

Companies cannot ask if someone is a citizen, but can ask if they are legally eligible to work in this country.

As for paying for those visas—you don’t have to bring those people in. Not required.

Out here in AZ, where many people are not legally able to work because of lack of papers, the question needs to by asked by employers.

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