Monday, September 13, 2010

Resume don'ts

Yes, resumes are still used. You’re not getting off that easily.

Often, though, they are read by people looking for reasons to throw them in File 13 and cut down on the quantity.

So some suggestions. First, don’t use the same resume for every job. Take items out, put items in—tailor it.

Forget that Objective section. Your objective is to get the job. If you say, “To be in a genial group where I can make a satisfying contribution”—that is what they can do for you. They don’t CARE what they can do for you—it’s the other way around.

No photo. This is done overseas a lot. Here, the photo and the res will be tossed—no one wants to be accused of discriminating based on beauty, race, or nationality.

Forget the physical and personal stuff. You’re 6 feet tall. Goody for you.

Don’t include references unless asked.

Forget the clubs and hobbies. A professional organization related to the job is OK. If you are a Civil War re-enactor, for example, this might mean you would beg off on weekends if needed. Not good.

I also hate buzzwords. Team player, results-oriented, outside the box, under the bus, on the table, vertical organization, aieee.

But maybe some of these are…um…baked in the cake. Is there such a thing as ResumeSpeak?

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