Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time to reinvent yourself again?

My sister and I liked how Tom Cruise used to pull off his face in Mission Impossible and had a different face underneath.

We said it applied to about the sixth week of dating someone, but it could work for changing careers, too.

Zip, new you.

As if.

Anyhow, Tara Burns wrote about choosing a new path in the Sept 12, 2010, AZ Republic.

Sherri Thomas, founder of Career Coaching 360, is quoted as saying if you are just surviving, you need to do better.

Yes, it’s possible to be in the wrong field—to “settle.” If you have to look for a job. Why not one you want? I keep telling my kid that.

Maybe you could take a personality test like Meyer-Briggs to see what your aptitudes are.

Do a lot of research, Thomas says—what does the new field really amount to? Google Occupational Outlook Handbook—it’s govt info on careers.

Talk to people who have the career you want.

Reboot your resume, completely change it.

And ask for what you want. The worst they can say is no. The second worst: No answer.

That last is so common, but try anyway.

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