Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Truth time--what kind of worker are you?

Mary Elizabeth Williams, Working Mother, Oct 2010, plays around with working personality types.

See yourself?

MOTHER HEN. Tough, take care of business, but also kind and patient to newbies. They can resent this sometimes, though. This can be smothering.

LADDER CLIMBER. Motivator, competitive, uncompromising, a little scary. Take more breaks.

DOOM MEISTER. You’re not a pessimist—you’re a realist, right? (This is your humble correspondent, by the way.) If you are worst case all the time—lighten up! Law of averages--something has to go right sometime.

PERFECTIONIST. Detailed-oriented, micromanage-y. Let people learn from experience sometimes.

STRESS SISTER. You eat deadlines, wash them down with ulcer medicine. You make up stress if you can. Try some humor.

PROBLEM SOLVER. You know ALL the ins and outs. You came with the furniture. Share some of that.

SLACKER. You may be well-rounded or just lazy, who knows.

Actually you should know—so which is it?

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