Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What crap

I used to do a newsletter called CHEAP RELIEF—14 years, on paper, mailed, etc.
In it I often quoted Dale Dauten, a business guru with lots of interesting takes on the biz world.

Bad sign—I was reading something he wrote just now and grumbling my buns off—"no way," "what a bunch of…" you get my drift.

Some asked Dauten and his advice sidekick J.T. O’Donnell how to handle it if an employer offered way less than you were making before.

Dauten said to say something like, “My last employer was very generous—perhaps too generous because they had to lay off a lot of people.”


He also said to say, “I think I was overpaid—what do you think?”

See? My instinct would be to say, “I think the standard may have changed in just a few months here—I read three papers a day and keep up with business news and the pay rates are changing.”

These two also advised some treacly BS about why you would stay even if the economy improved and you were stuck at a low rate. “I don’t want my pay to make me vulnerable to layoffs.”

How about: “I hope I could be a vital part of helping your company rebound—and pay would rise rather than stay the same.”

Oh, what do I know—I stare at a cactus. Ask people if they agree you were overpaid. At least you will be in agreement. Employers like that.


Chuck Galle said...

I love it, Star. You hand out good advice like it's everyday common understanding, and it's only after reading it one realizes how uncommon common sense is. Your former guru asked his followers to demean themselves and - well, FOLLOW! Maybe groveling is in nowadays, but it never stays in for long.

Star Lawrence said...

It does lose its appeal, doesn't it? LOL.