Monday, October 18, 2010

ATM skimming--always somethin'

Jennifer Waters, WSJ, Oct 13, 2010, talks about all the ways inventive sleazoids can grab your money.


I am having a bad customer service day as it is—disservice, that is. “Ma’am, “ma’am, please don’t bother me, call your card company,” etc. That crud!

The next time you use an ATM (yes, those store checkout consoles count, remember some bum may be trying to ruin you).

Is there a chunkier or different look to the machine? Are there mirrors around? Is there a brochure holder nearby?

Thieves attach devices to the machines to grab your numbers.

Apparently they like to add a layer to those card scanners at gas stations.

They get everything about you on the magnetic strip, your pin, an open sesame.

Rob a bank, get $5,000 average. Rig up an ATM--$50,000. Do the math.

Trust your instincts, if something seems wrong, leave.

Cover the keyboard as you put in your PIN. Never obey if it says enter PIN twice.

Use ATMs in your bank branch, not some standalone someplace.

A lot of the skimmers use Velcro—things may not look flat or just right.

Oh, that guy behind you in the store—he may videotape you entering your pin with his phone.

Aw, man, why even get up in the morning? At least, I am getting a few million from that dead general in Africa.

Even though his wife never met me, she trusts me completely.

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