Friday, October 8, 2010

'Burbs downscaling

I heard even Paradise Valley out here, very ritzy, is now dropping on the Ritzy Meter.

Yup, poverty is spreading and the safety net is spreading.

Brookings did two studies.

First, poverty is expected to creep up to 15%.

The last census (how quickly we forget) showed the number of poor people in the suburbs is up more than 37% since the last census, to 13.7 million.

These areas just aren’t ready for more homeless, panhandlers, and the need for food banks, stamps (EFT cards), and the other trappings on “the other America.”

People moved to the so-called suburbs for better schools, affordable housing, and security.

Then housing tanked, the schools did not improve and were never too spiffy, and the gangs crept in.

Cities have about an average 19% poverty rate, the suburbs 14%.

By the way, isn't "suburb" a weird word--implies below the "urb" to me.

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