Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Even artists don't want to starve

Kristena Hansen, AZ Republic, Oct 4, 2010, says even those who are famed for living on air need SOME money and the recession jabbed many with no room for error.

Unemployment among artists is 9.5%--twice that of other professionals.

One painter turned her private lessons into a business-Come Paint With Me.

Her friends went to work at Target. She still makes a third of what she did before, but is doing what she loves.

According to the Arizona Art Alliance, most full-time artists have had to add other lines of work.

They sell their art on eBay, for example.

You can’t do art shows because no one has any money, one said. She also can’t just paint and paint—she has no place to put the canvases.

She also does not want to devalue her work by selling it for pennies.

They also need to find new ways to market.

Not a pretty picture.

We love you, artists. Remember—a country without art soon fades. There have been studies.


chuck galle said...

A country without art can't even be called a country, in my marvelously not so humble opinion.And it's not just painterly artists who feel the pinch, actors, directors, dancers, writers, photographers, sculptors... A sinking boat takes all aboard.

Star Lawrence said...

Good point...

Don't forget--A rising tide lifts all yachts.