Friday, October 15, 2010

An extra slow skim no-foam

Starbucks says no to efficiency.

Julie Jargon, WSJ, Oct 13, 2010, says the famed coffee chain thinks the baristas are too efficient.

They may steam milk for a bunch of drinks, instead of fresh for each cup.

They are supposed to make two drinks at a time only, the second when the first is almost done.

This can double the time you stand in line—but the company thinks you want the Italian-guy-tinkering-around feel.

No-foam latte drinkers may face an especially long wait.

This made me wonder—are we too good? Too lean and mean? Maybe we need slower procedures to create jobs and employ people.

More theatre, as Starbucks calls it.

At the bar—more Tom Cruise?

At checkout—maybe some magician-type patter. Like a dealer in Vegas. “I see bananas, bananas, put your items up folks…”

Everything could be rhyming…or rap-style…

I miss lattes. I wish I had not written this. Reminded me.


srdem65 said...

The 'one cup at a time' would be nice if you weren't #15 standing in a line that wanders out the door.
Being 'waited on' while seated at a table is way, way different and a few more minutes don't matter then.

Star Lawrence said...

True dat. I have been broke so long I almost forgot Starbucks.