Friday, October 29, 2010

Interviewers and applicants need to up their game

If a job applicant doffs the slippers and drives over with scarce gas and puts their worth out there for you, the least you can do is interview a reasonable number (3-4) and tell the ones you don’t hire that you picked someone else.

But I can’t tell you how many jobhunters tell me they never get a followup, an answer, anything.

Cullen Wheatley wrote about this in CareerBuilder.

If you don’t hear back (or even before you leave), ask what you did right—or wrong.

If you don’t feel like that, at least ask what the next step is.

Always send a thank you note. Mailed. Not a text, not an email.

Be patient. If they said it would take a few weeks, then wait.

After the time is up, call and say, “I am still very interested.”

Never sound desperate, even if you are.

Sometimes, if I really wanted to work for someone, I call back in a month after they hired someone else.

Who knows—maybe the person bombed.


srdem65 said...

My daughter is Account Manager of 5 different apartment complex' in the Phoenix area. The company is hiring an assistant, pays so-so, good benefits, easy clean job.
Needs top drawer Exell, no apartment management experience necessary. Age is no barrier.
She already has over 200 apps but is still looking.
If you know someone.e-mail me at for info.

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks....anyone else have an opening--anyplace?