Tuesday, October 26, 2010

News flash: Grandparents still spoiling kids

The Wall Street Journal (Oct 25, 2010) says grandparents are raining money on their grandkids—recession or not.

In 2009 (OK, not really as bad yet) they spent $52 billion. This according to Grandparents.com.

Yes, the old…duffers...whoa, wait, the average age to become a grandparent is 50!

Half of all grandparents have contributed to their grandkids’ education.

Grandparents are 26% of movie audiences.

All four Rolling Stones are grandparents.

OK—that one didn’t have to be in there.

The one thing my own child has not done is bring me a grandchild—under the circumstances, this is fine.


Chuck Galle said...

I keep noticing that other people are not in a recession, apparently. I've seen more Halloween decorations on houses - orange lights, great display pieces of ghosts, goblins, ghouls and whatevers; one house made the Portsmouth Herald front page by turning the barn out back into a huge chamber of "delightful" horrors. Maybe folks aren't earning money, but they sure are spending it - hand over fist!

Star Lawrence said...

I have heard that about back east. We have decorations up--we love our Halloween. The giant spider webs are 10 yrs old and ratty. We found the skeleton in the trash some yrs ago. A neighbor gave us her tombstones.

Star Lawrence said...

We are agonizing over where to get affordable candy, though. The Dollar Store--? Or is this poison Chinese rejects or something? I said to my kid (she's 28), I need to get bad candy so you won't eat it. She said, "I will eat bad candy."