Thursday, October 7, 2010

Typical new hire

Government Technology mag tried to give its readers the 411 on young people today—even young feds.

They call them the Net generation—I guess because they think in increments of 140 words.

First, they want freedom. This means family and friends may be a big priority and they don’t want to be at work all day and all night.

They want customization of benefits and conditions.

They will choose carefully—if you don’t fit their priorities, it’s back to Mom and Dad’s.

They won’t stand for questionable ethics.

They want to work hard, but also want breaks—even to use the internet

They like collaboration, feedback, and chat.

They want SPEED. No snail, even email is slow.

They expect innovation, will be early adopters, beta testers, get right on it.

Well, after they do all that—they can teach me. I am more contemplative.

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