Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When you get ready to depart this changed land

I once went to Ireland for the weekend. Hand to God. Left Thursday night, came back Sunday. Went to visit an old boyfriend who lived in Dingle on the West Coast—he wasn’t even home.

Ever since, I think of myself retiring to that fusty little village, 100 pubs, 400 people.

With this country sinking, I think about it more and more, although my bad vision and poverty would probably preclude an Irish second chapter.

The other day, the WSJ asked some questions about living abroad. Would Medicare cover me? Nope, except for limited exceptions close to our borders.

Would Social Security mail me a check? Yes. To some countries, no, but Ireland is OK.

Could I get direct deposit of my SS check? Maybe. There is a list of places I could.

Would I have to file my taxes? Yup, though I might get more time.

Could I still vote in US elections?Yes—absentee in the place where I last lived, even if I have no property here anymore.

Would you ever consider bagging this mess and trying it someplace else?

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