Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yo, psych majors, why so glum?

Joe Light, WSJ, October 11, 2010, reports on a WSJ study done at Boise State Univ that showed that only 26% of psychology majors thought they had a promising career path.

The study asked people from a lot of majors what they thought of their futures.

Maybe, speculated the profs, this was because big corporations rarely singled out a psych degree as a criterion for hiring.

In contrast, 54% of chemical engineering and of management info majors thought the future looked rosy. This is because these people usually know exactly what degree will get them what job.

More general majors like psychology or African-American studies…not so much.

I think when we all go crazy in this economy these people will be in demand!

I know I try to find time for my daily cry now.

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