Friday, October 22, 2010

Your appliances are having a party

Servomechanisms—supposed to serve, not rob you,

David Wells, a green energy guy in Phoenix, says ceiling fans use one-third as much energy as a box fan.

Switching just 10 light bulbs to CFLS or LEDs can save you as much as $40 a mo.

If you use an oscillating fan all day, during peak hours, this can cost $12 in electricity! At night, not turning, nonpeak hours, maybe $2.

Do you leave your computer on all night? I don’t, but it can consume some electricity if you do (and get weird cooties, I believe—viruses).

Some people unplug the toaster when not in use. The TV also uses some teeny amount of juice to stay at the ready.

If I unplugged everything all the time, I can see myself standing there thinking the damn things were broken, though. I am like that.

Do I turn out lights—yes. Hey—are CFLs (above) those curly messes? I don’t like those. Ugly and the light is odd.

For more from David Wells, go to

He would hate me, but he might like you.


srdem65 said...

"reddy kilowatt" a stand alone figure made of plastic.
Now you know how old I am.

Star Lawrence said...

I was delighted to find old Reddy.