Friday, November 5, 2010

Food prices to rise

Shopping for us these days is a guerrilla exercise—buy house brand or “Value” brand? Is a can of veggies for lunch actually soup? (Answer to that, sure, why not, except for the sodium.)

Do you ever get backup anxiety—only two rolls of TP left, the 1000 sheet kind is almost $9 bucks on sale, ooo, $9…

Or you open the fridge and it looks a little Mother Hubbardy—and you get that pang of dread.

Now, Julie Jaron and Ilan Brat, WSJ Nov 4, 2010, say the chains are ready to rock-and-roll on prices again.

They said an inflationary tide is about to ripple through the supermarket…that sounds kinda bad, both as reality and metaphor.

They want to raise prices just enough to cover new costs somewhat, but not enough to drive people like me to Walmart—ooops, already driven!

This amounts to raising prices on certain items. OK, Starbucks, do your worst—I haven’t had a granda-biggie or whatever for years.

Meat is more in demand in third-world countries, so grain is becoming scarcer.

The Walmart guy said he wasn’t going to raise prices because demand was weak. You mean there is a cheaper place than Walmart?

Maybe that Hispanic place—FOOD CITY, or whatever it’s called. Will check it out.

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