Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have a friend who is unemployed?

Biz gurus JT O’Donnell and Dale Dauten take on the subject of how to help someone who lost their job. The questioner says when she tries to help her unemployed friend it ends in an argument and excuses.

I gather the friend is not responding to the help being offered. This probably means it’s advice.

JT says the friend may not be hiding anything, as the questioner speculated, except maybe fear and sadness.

You need to grieve when the centerpiece of your life disappears.

JT says she does not even use the term unemployed because it has such a bad connotation.

Dauten says most unemployed people get sick of advice. Ask if you can brainstorm a list of target companies—and maybe provide some introductions.

It’s better to be a friend, rather than career counselor. If the person wants advice they will ask for it.

Just let them talk—don’t try to fix.

And don't say things like, "Well, at least you could earn a living all those other years."

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