Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey, hey--no rest for you!

The Taft Resource Group says don’t buy into the idea that job hunting during the hols is futile.

Companies hire all year long—hiring is not down in Nov and Dec. In fact, many budgets come in Oct 1—and managers lose money if they don’t hire before Jan 1.

People may be in and out, but they do schedule interviews.

Since many people do get dormant during this time, you can get a leg up getting out there.

Stay visible. Maybe send Christmas cards to people who interviewed you even if they didn’t hire you. Who knows.

And keep your ears open at holiday parties—“Who needs an assistant, sorry, could not help overhearing.”

And there are those temporary jobs, too—they can go permanent. Well, may not not the Santa one, but some.

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If you have a few minutes...

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