Monday, November 22, 2010

Hurry up, apply, no, wait, we are thinking

Mark Whitehouse, WSJ, Oct 11, 2010, says the current uncertainty is slowing down whatever hiring might happen.

Let’s face it, eventually someone will need to buy something, a washing machine will break, a car will punk out, and then someone will have to make something, then someone will hire someone.

But for now, it’s pretty much frozen.

Also, companies really feel like they have their pick. Some people even list a job saying if you are unemployed, don’t even apply. It’s getting creepy.

The problem is the “pick” is getting funkier—credit scores are dropping, meaning companies who somehow translate that into a judgment on people are finding fewer “suitable” candidates.

Skills are getting out of date. People are losing their sales mojo or their investment mojo.

Some companies are sort of screwing around fishing—they will advertise and then if someone “ridiculously awesome” comes along, they might hire—or not.

Come on, people—let’s get with it here. Every person you call back, interview, ask for more information, is a human being with hopes and feelings. Be decent.

What goes around comes around—you could end up being treated the way you are treating people now.

Wasn’t that in the Bible?

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