Wednesday, November 24, 2010

People stockpiling less, not more

Since “The Troubles” began four yrs ago, I have developed food anxiety, shortage anxiety, whatever it’s called. If there are only two items in the fridge, I can hardly breathe in all the way.

Our pantry (a bookcase my brother made in shop class) can stand almost bare. No breathing for me!

Today, though, in the WSJ (Nov 23, 2010), Ellen Byron says people are hoarding fewer supplies and less food. They are “just in time” buyers now, just like companies have been for some time.

According to this, they will buy enough for a week or several days and not stock up when the price is low.

I am the opposite—I buy three TPs when the 1000-sheet stuff goes under $9. I will get three boxes of spaghetti when it’s 88 cents. Same for bread—freezer.

Still, the experts suggest people are going to the store more often and getting less.

Reportedly, the manufacturers and big stores like Costco have to allow for this now. If people are coming more often, they change their displays more often.

The warehouse stores package fewer cans in one shrinkwrap. There may be 18 eggs, not 24.

Since 2008, these companies have taken a hit because people eat from their hoards in the pantry instead of buying. Now they buy, but smaller amounts.

Me, I welcome the Value brands at our Kroger and Walmart. The big red "V" means a good deal. I might stock up.


Star Lawrence said...

It also occurs to me--and to a friend in equally challenging straits--that people don't have the MONEY to stock up! I remember once during the 1982 recession, the IRS noticed it was getting less money in and redid the form where it said to SEND A CHECK. Perhaps it was unclear. It didn't occur to them that people could not send a check!

Chuck Galle said...

Yeah - I buy primarily "house" brands at my grocery. I try to keep way ahead on pastas and canned tomatoes and tomato sauce and paste. I buy pork loins and cut 'em up into six or eight little roasts and freeze 'em. Whenever I feel a bit flush I buy some item of meat for the freezer, make and freeze tomato sauce each fall. That also means I often run out of money before the check comes and I sweat a few days "practicing discipline."

Star Lawrence said...

The V-brand is even below the house--maybe it's not available everywhere--but it's just as good--probably same assembly line. The cats, however, do NOT like the offbrands. They just look at me with that WTF look they get.