Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quit dumping on boomers--sell to them

I am a year too old to be a boomer, so what am I—a toomor? Don’t know. All I read now is ageist stuff about how Boomers are selfish, didn’t contribute anything, spoiled their ne’er-do-well kids, are sucking down entitlements, blah, blah.

Well, up until this recent great leveling started, the 78 million of them were also pretty well off. Their average income is $71,000—average net worth $236,000. Does that count house equity—uh-oh.

About 40% of boomers will more after retirement—not if they have upside down mortgages.

One in seven boomers is a caregiver.

One-third of all trips in the US—yup, taken by adults over 55.

Are they internet morons? No—43% of internet traffic is boomers. Eight-two percent of older adults use the internet to research health issues.

If boomers are in online communities, almost 60% log in multiple times a day.

So there—big social types. Some with money.

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