Monday, November 1, 2010

Ready for another run at job finding?

Years into this, with our evasive leaders hemming and hawing and saying we are going in the right direction, so many people are still desperate and afraid.

With good reason. This overall unemployment number isn't set to change, at least not in 2011. But all YOU need is one. That's your number.

Too often, and this includes me, we just keep going to our same websites, doing the same things, and nada.

So although the holidays are a bad time to jobhunt, we aren’t quite there yet. So how about…

Sending five paper resumes to companies in buildings near you—go in and get the names off the directory.

If you are working with a job hunting group, find one different group—Check under Workforce, Goodwill job hunting, your state or county, maybe a nearby church.

Call back two people you have been putting off calling.

Do one or two things a day—and not just putting your resume on big computer boards.

Volunteer—to get out of the house and get a different mind set.

Are you game?

Make a list and actually check things off. I love checking things off. I use a big wide Sharpie.

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