Monday, November 8, 2010

Resiliency--can be in short supply

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, our faithful jobs gal, makes the point that we all are either working too hard, too little, or not at all. There is no Baby Bear these days.

The ones with jobs who are overloaded or underused are looking, too, on some level.

Some people can look every day for years and still be buoyant. Others crumple in two weeks.

People vary in their resilience, according to Davis Temin, a crisis management person in NY.

According to a study by the State Univ of NY Buffalo and Univ of CA Irvine, people with a lot of crap throughout their lives are taking this mess better.

Yeah, well, I have had plenty of adversity and this weekend lost all resiliency over a cheap desk chair that kept breaking. I am in a dining chair now and will be forevermore--no more of those adjustable things.

Resilient people, according to this article, gain power helping someone else. They change it up.

They set goals..remember my checkoff list? Big Sharpie for the checks!

Connect with others—yeah, networking.

Keep your eye on the prize—one job, one better job, an assistant, whatever it is.

Work does not define you. You are not a failure. For one thing, everyone without a job had a heck of a lot of help from Washington in getting into their present situation!

By the way—I am into blaming where blame is due. It makes me feel resilient. Look what those dopes did and I am still standing.

Er, sitting.

Er, falling off my chair.

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